The word vocation is derived from the Latin "vocare", which means to call. We can say that vocation is a calling - a special calling from God to love and serve him in our lives in a special way. It refers to a basic dimension in our lives:

  • A style of living
  • A style of working
  • An overall way of developing and using the talents with which God has gifted us for the good of his people

Everyone has a vocation, a call from God through baptism, the sacrament that opens us up to the possibility of matching a "state of life" with the particular gifts given us through God in our families, in our friends and in our life's patterns and events. This enables us to live out our common call to holiness. A Religious Vocation is a special calling from God to follow the evangelical counsels of his son Jesus by making prayer and service the focus of one's life. Religious men and women go on the road, leaving home, sometimes even country, joining religious communities for support and prayerful living, offering their time and energies in service to a wide variety of people in the setting of their life and work. Perhaps the idea of being a Religious has come into your mind. If you think God might be calling you to the consecrated life, or whether you are merely curious or deeply interested, please contact Sister Dorothy Aloisio at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.