troianiPrayer to Mother M. Catherine

O God, most loving Father, who gave Blessed Mary Catherine Troiani the grace to follow the poor and crucified Christ, guide us by your Spirit that we too may live by His Word. Grant us the strength and grace to be missionaries of your word of love to all people, and continue to bear witness to this Gospel. Obtain for us, through the intercession of Blessed Mary Catherine, the favors we now implore. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. Three Glory Be to the Father... Please make known any favors received through the intercession of Blessed Catherine Troiani to the Superior General of the Franciscan Missionaries of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Via Catherine Troiani, 90-00144 Rome. With ecclesiastical approval, September 25, 1985.

Words of Mother M. Catherine

My Jesus, you are my only hope, you are Infinite goodness, you are my Saviour; my Redeemer, my Creator, my friend, my consoler my healer, my comfort, my guide, my strength, my every consolation, my father, my brother, my spouse, my all... I cannot find the words, to express what you are to me my Jesus!